Singapore is a beautiful Asian first-world country with one of the most powerful economies in the world. For many people who have seen the videos online and heard stories from other people who have visited, it is THE place to go for a vacation; and I cannot blame them. I would have liked to go as well if it wasn’t for their ridiculously high crime rate. Singapore needs to bring these criminals onto heel.


They pose a threat to the health of their fellow citizens as well as those of tourists. Even dangerous American cities like Detroit, Chicago, or Baltimore are having a run for their money compared to the crimes committed in many Singaporean cities.

The Gum Chewing Degenerates!!!

Singapore is plagued by gum chewers who are detriment to the health of those unfortunate enough to step on it on the streets. The police have their hands tied dealing with the crippling effects of gum-covered sidewalks, but they also have to deal with homosexuals and the arrogance of them to believe they are entitled to the experience of relationships like heterosexual couples. They will pay for their arrogance with up to two years of imprisonment. Hopefully these punishments will deter them from ever committing these heinous crimes.


The Bathroom Offenders!


Americans never stop complaining about gun violence as if it’s some serious issue in their society, but how could that ever compare to a criminal who doesn’t flush a public toilet? Imagine walking into a stall and there is stool left in the toilet, you would wish you had been shot instead of seeing that.

The Gum Smuggling Felons


The scum of the earth are the gum smugglers. They have caused havoc amongst Singaporean families since people buy it illegally and become addicted to this decrepit substance that vandalizes the sidewalks, damages shoes, and destroys dental health with its excessive sugar content. These crimes are  crumbling Singaporean society from within.

Personally, I would postpone a vacation to Singapore until they decide to fix their issues with gum smugglers and people who refuse to flush their public toilet. This is a threat to the health of me and whoever I decide to travel with as well. The issues in the inner cities seems to be much more bearable when you consider how much worse it could be. There is definitely privilege in being born in a country that invests in your well-being and is comprised of citizens who uphold these values rather than one that obviously does not.

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