I recently read an interesting article on Natural News.com titled “Ten ways public schools destroy free thinking”. This is an argument I’m sure many people have heard before and whether or not schools do make an effort to destroy free thinking isn’t really debatable because it’s true. Here are a few things to consider regarding this topic.

School Teaches You to be an Excellent Worker Ant

Gasp! Who would have guessed?! If you didn’t realize this is one of the main purposes of school then chances are high you are not a free thinker. It’s okay, not everyone can be. You’re in school to do assignments that typically are of little interest to you and will probably be forgotten if not in the next few months, in about the next year. But this is more so to measure how well you are able to follow orders/directions, not necessarily to measure your intelligence or to expect you to use this knowledge in the future. At the same time, you are told by the school system what is acceptable and what’s not regarding moral reasoning almost as if they are developing a moral compass for you. Hint, they are! Hey, a good worker can’t develop his/her own moral reasoning. You just need to learn how to do what you’re told.


School kinda makes it seem as if the farthest any of their students are going to move up the economic ladder is the upper middle class(possibly) and those people who run successful businesses were kinda just born to be at that level like an ant. Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that school doesn’t necessarily encourage ambition. They also don’t encourage thinking outside of the box which is a completely different form of intelligence of its own. I guess you can say the school system doesn’t encourage or reward creativity.

Fun Fact. Worker ants take micro naps throughout the day to survive. The queens can sleep as much as nine hours a day explaining why queens can live up to 45 years whereas worker ants are lucky to live a year. The point? It sucks to be at the bottom. Shout-out to whysoorganic.com.


Honestly, how often are students actually told they don’t have to go to college? Think about how often students are told how they can get paid well working for some industry after getting a college degree. Think how common it is for schools to act as if you are screwed for the rest of you’re miserable existence on this earth if you don’t go to a university. Have you really ever heard your institution talk about alternative routes to success other than college?  This leads me to my next point.

The School System is Part of the Scam

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with wanting to go to college. It’s definitely an important rout to take if you wish to work in a STEM related field. However, think about the dozens of useless majors that will likely not get you anywhere in life and will only prove to be a mad waste of time…Sorry women’s gender studies majors. book-15584_192011

Before We Blame the School System for Everything…

You should quPortrait Herm ofestion if destroying free thinking is a product of school or a product of society. Honestly, nobody ever really liked free thinkers explaining why many were executed in the past. This isn’t a phenomenon significant to ethnicity or gender but more so a product of humanity which is why in some cases, people who seemed different in the past were commonly accused for being witches. Interestingly enough, the people who are most involved in maintaining conformity in the school system are the students themselves(bullying is a thing). So maybe we should take a step back from blaming the school system for the lack of free thought in society because even without school, the majority would likely still be against it. This leads me to my last point.

Be the gummy bear with color!!!

Being a Free Thinker May Not Be Great for the Individual

You can argue it’s mostly great for the society in the future. Free thinkers tend to be ambitious and reach for goals most would never try to reach for, but being a free thinker isn’t easy. Like I said earlier, nothing really great came out of being a free thinker in the past. Today, they’re the ones who were bullied though school for being different. They are the people who are most likely to go throughout life alone. Unfortunately, they’re also often the ones who aren’t recognized until they’re long gone.


It takes a certain personality from the beginning to be a true free thinker so if you are one, the school system didn’t stop you from thinking freely. In fact, no system really can. To the free thinkers out there, you’re probably that person who says anything on your mind in a room filled with people you know won’t like what you have to say but because you care more about your own point than their feelings, you’ll say it anyway. You’re a hinderance to the flow of society because you interfere with the uniformed thought that makes the majority content. At the same time, you also have the capability to contribute to great changes in society even though you may not have the chance see it. It’s not in all cases the free thinker is facing death, but at some point they will find themselves facing involuntary isolation of varying length. Is it worth it? I guess it is if you’re still shaking the room, school, city, county, state, country, or world with your opinions and whether you like it or not, that’s exactly what makes you public outcast.


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