Turns out this is actually a real thing for our anime fans out there. In fact, I have had multiple friends have full conversations about the hotness of certain anime characters. Is this normal? That’s something for you guys to decide. However, the reason why someone may find they are more attracted to anime characters than actual humans is possibly because…


I may not find myself to be overwhelmingly attracted to anime characters but I can understand why someone may be attracted to them. Fantasy is Amazing! Think how often you see women gush over any kind of fictional character such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor or the character Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. Personally, I find Tom Hiddleston to be the most amazing person ever, but I can’t say I’m in love with who he actually is in reality. I’m in love with the character he played in Thor because he’s cool. loki.jpg

In a way, you can argue people who fall in love with anime characters are undergoing the same experience. They just happen to use their imaginations a bit more. I guess we can all blame the people who created these characters for this phenomenon. Why are writers and actors so great with character development?! These characters still have real human qualities and characteristics, but also have unnaturally amazing characteristics that make people fall in love with them. 84361

“Haters Will Say It’s Photoshop”

Point is,

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nobody likes reality. If people did, you wouldn’t see so much Photoshop to make the ocean in a vacation magazine look so blue, or in fashion magazines to make a woman look more vibrant. If people liked reality, the cosmetic industry wouldn’t be able to make the amount of money it does. I guess we can say our imaginations and our tendency to fantasize normal aspects of life makes the world a fun place and that fantasy is part of the reason so many people are in love with anime or any other kind of fictional character.














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