Over the past few years, I have noticed that there has been a lot of strife between Muslims immigrants and the native residents. I have to admit that I used to believe that Americans were being discriminatory towards Muslims simply because of 9/11, and that is not entirely wrong for many Americans. I assumed that the memories of that attack and the war in the Middle East led Americans to stereotype all Muslims as being terrorists. I defended them, and for a while I was one of the biggest defenders of Muslims. I would call people out on their Islamophobia you could have placed me in that #notAllMuslims crowd.  However, I came across a lot of videos and spoke with Muslims showing me how they treat people in their own country and in the European countries they immigrate to. It opened my eyes to the fact that their culture is much too different from Western civilization, and it causes too many problems if they don’t assimilate to the culture. Another issue is their impact on economies. The common phrase is that immigration drives the economy, but this remains to be found with immigrants from Muslim countries. The people that criticized them were not blowing hot air; there was actually some truth to what they were saying. I could only be in denial for so long.

Muslims have run the slave trade for over 1400 years and continue to do so now in countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Sudan. Black Africans are still sold and traded to this day in those countries. It is practically an integral part of their society. Another negative aspect is their level of misogyny. Sharia Law mandates that women not be allowed to own land, have access to loans, or use assets without their husbands or male figures. They practice female clitorectomy to control women’s sexual desire and it is still legal for them to beat their wives. These views are so contrary to Western values that it’s only to be expected that conflicts would happen when they bring those mentalities along with them.

In the UK, only about 22% of the population does not work while the figure for Muslims is a staggering 52%. To sustain themselves they apply to their welfare program in numbers that literally drain the UK economy. A similar situation is found in France and German where 80% of Turkish immigrants are unemployed. Since Muslims practice polygamy, they are able to get more and more benefits for every wife the man has. They are taking advantage of these socialist economies and people are getting wise to this. I hate to say it, but there is no economic benefit to bringing in waves of Muslims as shown by these statistics. So much for immigration drives the economy, huh?

Another issue is the amount of crime they commit compared to the general population. They are housed in the ghetto regions of Europe where crime is rampant and unemployment is outstandingly high. There have been waves of gang violence in Germany, Sweden, UK, and France. Muslim migrants alone have increased crime in Germany by a whopping 65% while comprising only 4% of their population. They also comprise a huge percentage of prison in comparison to their population. In France for example, the Muslims population is about 8% but they comprise 70% of the prison population. Looking at this data, I’m taken aback. I am no longer #notAllMuslims…

I understand that not all Muslims fit the stereotype of being criminals and welfare abusers, but the numbers don’t lie. People’s attitudes towards Muslims are not totally unfounded and the statistics back up everything I have heard about them. This is a result of bringing all of the negative aspects of your culture to another nation. My solution would be to reduce immigration from these nations and use tests that can screen out the behaviors and viewpoints we don’t want. If we continue as we are now, America will be experiencing the same issues that Europe is experiencing and we already deal with a huge illegal immigration crisis as it is.


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