People who are not excited about President Trumps plan for a wall are even more confused over the new wall proposal that was given not too long ago which included a moat filled with nuclear waste.

Clayton Industries proposed this plan. The plan included a chain-link fence on Mexico’s side, sensors, and solar panels. They plan on digging a 100 foot trench and fill it with nuclear waste.

The proposal mostly drew attention from the media but as far as we know, the government will not be pursuing this plan. It’s definitely great to talk about though right?

It seems Clayton tried to make the plan look more eco-friendly by adding the solar panels to the plan. I’m not sure if it counters the damage a moat of nuclear waste would do to the environment. Sounds kinda like something that would be in a cartoon and not reality.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this topic. Be sure to let us know!