The word retarded is ingrained in my non-professional vocabulary. In fact, when I say retarded, I don’t really think of people who are actually slow.  I find it awkward to call someone who is slow retarded( it’s just a personal thing).

Anyway, recently a college student got pissed off because I said someones opinion was retarded. Apparently I was insulting slow people even though they weren’t even apart of the conversation. I also found it interesting how she got pissed off at me saying the word retarded as she later spoke of the stupidity of white people. It’s not offensive as long as you’re directly insulting white people right?

The interesting thing about this is I found people are perfectly fine with saying idiot or moron but not with retarded even when they are told retarded was used to replace idiot and moron because they were offensive.brain-1845941_1920

Idiot was a term used to describe the least intelligence on the IQ scale. People who have an IQ between 0-25 are considered to be idiots.

Imbecile was used to refer to individuals with an IQ slightly higher than an Idiots IQ. An imbeciles IQ is between 26 and 50.

A moron has the highest IQ of mentally challenged individuals with  it being between 50 and 70.

Because these words seemed so offensive, psychologist changed the words to describe the mentally challenged categories to moderate, severe, and profound retardation.

To retard means to slow or to delay the progress of and may still be used in music references and medicine/ biology.

Today, the word for people who are mentally challenged is intellectually disabled. Can you argue intellectually disabled sounds more offensive? It pretty much means incapacitated intelligence or impaired intelligence. Does that really sound better than calling someone slow? Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!

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