United Airlines has sparked a lot of controversy over an Asian descended passenger getting dragged from his seat after getting bumped from his flight.

United Airlines often oversells tickets and will request for volunteers to be compensated. However, in this case, four passengers were selected to be bumped from the flight due to the fact that there were no volunteers to be compensated.

One of the passengers refused to be bumped from the flight which resulted in him getting dragged from his seat.

The Chinese media is angered due to this event and United Airlines revenue in China may suffer.

Now, people believe the United States discriminates against Asian people and blame the cause of the man getting dragged from his seat to being due to him being Asian.

Wan Guanxiong, a investor in the technology industry in Beijing, stated he will never fly United Airlines again.

“Why did they choose an Asian out of so many passengers?” he said. “Obviously Asians are minorities.”

Other than the passenger who was dragged, there were three other people who were bumped off the flight also. Where they Asian as well?

Why is the media not considering the fact that the passenger refused to get bumped even though United has the right to bump their passengers when necessary and the situation may have escalated due to the passenger being non-compliant with security?

Do you guys think this circumstance was racially motivated? If so, let me know why you think it is. Currently there is too little evidence to support the idea that security and United was being racist but I really want to know what you guys think.

Do you guys think security could have handled the situation a little better? Maybe he didn’t have to bleed over this…

Who knows. Maybe this was a classic Rosa Parks scenario. Let me know what you think about this situation in the comment section below!

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