Dubai, a city known for its great riches, has a hidden side that tourist don’t see.

Turns out the people who build the beautiful skyscrapers are payed close to nothing and live in terrible conditions.

BBC reporter Ben Anderson did a documentary about the foreign workers of Dubai. (click here for video)

According to Anderson’s documentary, the workers are commonly from Bangladesh. They were told by agents they would get paid $580 a month but when they started working, they only got paid half that while the agents also took a $4,000 cut. dubai-slave-labour

As a result, many of these workers found themselves in debt and unable to return home. They barely get paid enough to eat.

The workers are forced to live in unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions in an area where there’s the smell of sewage and no street lights.

The whole area basically looks like a dark spot.

Nine people lived in a single room in one place Anderson visited. In another area, 48 people lived in a small building with no gas to cook food.

“You wouldn’t even keep cattle in that building” says an Indian agent who was previously unaware of the living conditions of the migrant workers.

Migrant female workers undergo similar abuse. They often work as house maids.

These house maids have basically no rights and are often raped and beaten. If they run away, they can be thrown in jail. (click here for video)

It’s no surprise the prosperity of Dubai is built off the backs of slaves. It’s one of the richest cities in the world and was built up fairly quickly.

The Arab nations also started the slave trade(lasted over 1,000 years).  Some Arab countries just recently ended slavery. In a lot of Arab or predominantly Muslim nations, slavery is still accepted.

It’s time we raise awareness to the modern day slavery going on today. Please share this post and the videos to help raise awareness.