Pepsi recently made an ad video that sparked a ton of controversy. Some liberals found this video offensive because they saw it as a mockery of their protests. People who support black lives matter were specifically offended because they believe it resembled a black lives matter protest. I don’t see the resemblance. Maybe it resembles BLM because there were black people in the video(there weren’t a disproportionate number of black people though). If you think it does look like a BLM protest let me know why in the comment section below. Pepsi did not expect the backlash they received over this video and eventually took it down. There really is no reason to be offended.

The video was promoting peace. It’s crazy how promoting peace is such an offensive and controversial idea. Many people in the video where holding up peace signs and in the end where happy to reestablish societies relationship with police officers.

Part of the reason some liberals were offended was probably because of the fact that they are very anti-cop and unwilling to compromise with them. BLM is known for their distaste for cops and some can argue they currently find amusement in taunting cops.

Because Kendal Jenner stood in front of the cops in protest to hand them a Pepsi and a real BLM activist or black person wouldn’t be able to do that, BLM activists were very upset. Problem with that argument is that this is a commercial and it’s just trying to get a point across.  It was trying to promote peace between cops and the rest of society. BLM all of a sudden turned this into a racial issue when it’s not necessary.

Should society remain angry and violent? Would it have been better for Pepsi to have an ad video of people throwing rocks at police officers and somehow winning over the cops by force instead of compromising?

Let me know what your take on this video is.