My friend told me about her overhearing how someone was offended because the people in their dance class assumed their gender. This person is biologically female and looks like one. As a result of my friend overhearing the conversation, she has now been trying to ingrain the idea of referring to people as them or they in her head.

This isn’t not an unheard of issue now. Some people even want to make it illegal(good thing it’s not). In some areas, using the wrong gender pronouns can get you fined if you purposefully refer to someone with the wrong pronoun. Let me know if you think using the wrong pronoun should drain your pockets of cash.

My biggest issue with this topic is the fact that referring to people as them or they isn’t even grammatically correct. For example, if someone were asking where a particular person was, you would say “He is at the store” or “She is at the store”. “They are at the store” doesn’t make sense because its plural and not singular. I guess you can refer to someone as an it, but that sounds a little dehumanizing. Do you think you can justify using they in this circumstance? Be sure to let me know.

I guess we can start making up new words such as ze or hir, but those pronouns aren’t recognized in the dictionary yet so…

The whole gender neutral pronoun topic is also just over-complicating things. There are definitely more important things that society should be fighting for such as genocides going on around the world or regulating the food industry(do you know what you’re eating?).

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this topic in the comment section below!