Weight has been a controversial topic in the U.S. and even other parts of the world for some time. Should we voice our concerns for individuals who are severely overweight or praise them? Most people who know anything about health can agree they would rather talk to their loved ones and help them with their weight if they believe it may be a health risk. However, some people believe fat shaming is the perfect cure for obesity. As a person who was once overweight and spends time helping overweight friends on their weight-loss journey,  I’m aware fat shaming doesn’t work.

First, we need to address what fat shaming is. Some people believe fat shaming is simply someone stating the fact that being overweight isn’t healthy. I believe fat shaming is literally shaming someone for being fat such as teasing fat people or bullying them. There’s a difference between shaming and simply raising awareness.

There are many reasons why fat shaming does not work. In fact, fat shaming can actually make the situation worse. Reasons for this include:

Depression and stress can cause people to eat more

Depression is known to either make someone lose weight or gain more. Why would it make someone gain weight? Food can provide comfort for some people causing them to use food as a way to handle their depression. Even regarding the fact that depression can make you lose weight, you can’t bet on someone losing weight instead of gaining it. You really shouldn’t be attempting to make people depressed over their weight at all…

It can cause eating disorders

This kinda goes along with the previous point. Some depressed people may lose weight due to developing an eating disorder. So great, maybe that overweight person lost weight but I think most of us can agree eating disorders aren’t that amazing.

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It can cause people to commit suicide

This one shouldn’t be a shocker. Bullying has always been a known cause for suicide attempts. Fat shaming is no exception.(click here for information)

You usually don’t need to tell someone about them being fat…

Half the time you don’t need to tell anyone they’re fat because they usually already know and they don’t feel great about it. When you go out of your way to fat shame someone, you’re not telling them anything new or helping them. Give helpful advice to people who are struggling. Give them positive feedback when you know they’re trying because it’s motivating. Don’t search for reasons to be a jerk because a lot of people who believe in fat shaming are skinny people who just want to be mean.

Why can’t society find the middle ground? Ignoring the health risks of being fat does not help overweight individuals and shaming them does not work either.

Anyway, let me know what you think about this topic. My questions for you guys are:

  1. Do you believe fat shaming works?
  2. Do you believe we shouldn’t address fat people at all?

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