I saw a post on Facebook of a transgender father and daughter. Now in today’s society, there is no reason to be shocked. We have transgenders accepted and Corey-and-Eric-Maison-transgender-son-daughter-instagram-640x480influenced in reality TV shows such as I AM Jazz and we may even come across some transgenders in our everyday lives. Heck, I have a few transgenders at my school. This story made me rethink the idea of transgender. How far should society go till we consider something to be a mental illness? I am a tolerant individual and personally don’t care what people do with their lives as long as they’re happy. I don’t agree with the idea of being transgender for spiritual reasons, but I don’t force my beliefs on others. However, I do believe accepting transgenders has lead to a serious slippery slope.

I wrote an article about Rachel Dolezol regarding cultural appropriation and the fact that…

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