Close your eyes and think of the man/woman of your dreams. If an image comes up in your mind, congratulations, you have a preference. If not, you probably don’t have much of an imagination…Sorry:(

People want to call everyone a racist now days. Not too long ago, I was accused of being racist for saying I prefer dating super dark skinned black guys over over lighter shades of black people. Apparently that statement was pure ignorance(I don’t know if people know what the word ignorant means anymore) and stupid. It’s interesting because the people I was saying this to were all black. Even though dark skin isn’t a race(mind you, they’re black too), this situation made me question if having a racial preference when dating is racist.

There are many reasons why some people may prefer to date within their race. These reasons include:

It’s Easier to Date Within Your Race

Some people feel it is easier to date within their own race and even culture because they feel they can have a better understanding of each other. I’ve had personal experience dating men of different cultures and I can say from my experience, there certainly are times when we had problems understanding each other due  to cultural differences.

Family Problems

This kinda goes along with the whole cultural issue. Some families really don’t like the idea of of their family members marrying someone who is not in the same culture. I have a friend who is Chinese who says his family would be happier if he marries a Chinese woman and they would be disappointed if he was with anyone who was even Japanese!

You’re Just Not Attracted to Other Races

Everyone will not be attracted to certain features. Crazy thing about being human is that we are all not attracted to the same characteristics when it comes to dating. There is nothing racist about someone finding a particular race more attractive to them personally. I’m not interested in dating women because I’m not attracted to them. Am I sexist?

Point is, nobody should be shamed for having a preference. If someone says they don’t have a preference, they’re probably lying.

Anyway, my questions for you guys are:

  • Do you think it’s racist to have a preference?
  • Do you have a racial preference when dating?

Let me know in the comment section below!