“We gave birth and raised the children, only to see them being killed like animals. In the eyes of the Indonesians, we West Papuans are like animal.” – West Papuan Woman 

Since the Dutch colonial administration left West Papua in 1963, the Indonesian government took control of West Papua. Today, West Papua is still under Indonesian control and oppressed by their government. In fact, this situation is so bad, the Indonesian government restricts foreign access to Papua and West Papua which explains why very few people are aware of the genocide taking place. The Indonesian control has lead to 500,000 West Papuan people being killed. There are many other incidences of individuals being raped, tortured, and imprisoned. It’s not uncommon for the indigenous individuals to have family members who have been killed due to the genocide. This is a human rights violation that must be addressed and we all must work together to help free West Papua.

Indonesian soldiers pose with dead West Papuan tribe leader they killed.

Benny Wenda (in the video below) is  a Political Leader dedicated to freeing the people of West Papua. Because freedom of speech and protesting is illegal for the West Papuan people, Benny lives in exile in the United Kingdom. Many of his family members have been killed and some were raped because of the genocide. Help Benny fight for human rights in West Papua.

You don’t know about this because the Indonesian government has worked insure this situation isn’t spoken of. Now you know. Please Click here to sign a petition for West Pupa!