The Swirl Movement is a group organized by people who are dedicated to the promotion of interracial relationships. These relationships usually focus on black women dating white men. Is a movement for interracial relationships necessary? It’s true some people may not accept the idea of being in an interracial relationship, but most people don’t discriminate against the people in these relationships either.  Social movements are groups aiming to bring about progress to society due to perceived political or social issues.  Examples would include:

  • Feminist Movement
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Anti-War Movement
  • Anti-bullying Movement

Anyone can argue these movements may be helpful to society. However, considering we all have the right to be in a relationship with any race in today’s time, there really is no reason to have a movement for interracial relationships. In fact, I find this movement to be a little annoying because they sometimes act as if interracial relationships are better than non-interracial relationships. For example, common word people in the swirl movement like to describe interracial relationships is “magical”. Can we please all agree all relationships are amazing?  Anyway, my questions for you guys are:

  • Does this movement supports some kind of weird fetish?
  • Do you think swirling should be a actual movement?

Be sure to let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!