I have nothing against the idea of veganism. I’ve even tried to go vegan for a short period of time. Unfortunately, I’m a bit anemic. There are many admirable vegans out there who I like to listen to myself. However, there are also a lot of radicle vegans who instead of being tolerant, they shame people into going vegan. So, the top worst vegans on social media include:

John Sakars

This guy isn’t as bad as a lot of radical vegans out there but he definitely deserves to be on this list. He spends his time preaching eating meat is murder and is also against speciesism(didn’t even know it was a thing). If you ever called someone a chicken or a snake, then you’re speciesist. You should be ashamed. Sakars may not be the absolute worst vegan on this list, but he’s definitely the cringiest. If you like to cringe, then you should watch his videos.


Sorsha believes eating meat is murder and if you eat meat, you’re supporting the animal industry(mind you, there are meat eaters who disagree with what the industry does also). I don’t think she knows that not all meat eaters buy from terrible corporations. Sorsha believes people are fat because they eat meat. The problem with that argument is the fact that there are also plenty of skinny people who eat a lot of meat. Vegans can be fat too so…

Freelee the Banana Girl

Freelee is very similar to Sorsha. She believes eating any form of meat is cruelty and she is the influence of a lot of vegan YouTubers. She obviously does not believe in the circle of life because she has even made her dogs vegan. Freelee promotes a high carb diet that she swears works for everyone even though many people reported gaining weight over it. She is also known for shaming celebrities and other people on YouTube for gaining a little weight.

Vegan Gains

This guy is probably the worst vegan on YouTube. Many suspect he’s a sociopath. You can easily find him on YouTube spazing out about going vegan. He is also known for joking about Furious Pete getting testicular cancer, even though testicular cancer is a form of cancer that has little to do with diet. He even says Pete is getting exactly what he deserves. Look for yourself.

What do you guys think about this list? Let me know in the comment section below!