So I had an Instagram debate over the topic of cultural appropriation. This conversation started with an image of RaIMG_20170305_073032chel Dolezal, who according to the post, changed her name to Nkechi, a Nigerian name, while presenting herself as an ethnic person(black in particular). I personally believe the black community shouldn’t insult Rachel considering she seems to admire all different kinds black cultures more than a lot of black people do themselves. In a way it’s a complement considering black people around the world are seen as lessor or not as civilized as the European or Asian cultures partially due to misunderstanding and segregation. The definition of appropriation is the act of taking something for ones own use. Yes, there are times when cultural appropriation can be VERY insulting, but those are typically the cases when individuals are trying to make fun, or shame the culture they are appropriating instead of praising it. Besides, why would you not want to embrace other cultures? Many are beautiful in their own way. If societies do not embrace the idea of cultural appropriation, they may open door to increased misunderstanding between them.

I decided to interview multiple people to hear the thoughts of random individuals on this topic. Turns out most people would have to agree that cultural appropriation has its moments when it can be insulting and inconsiderate. However, most of us agree that it is necessary for the advancement of society and unity. I asked the individuals questions relating to transracial people because many people relate transracial people to cultural appropriation(even though race and culture are different). A major thing I noticed from peoples responses was that people do not accept the idea of being transracial , but they are perfectly fine with individuals being transgender. I explained in another post that transracial and transgender are conceptually the same when arguing whether one or the other is acceptable(click here for article). You either have to accept both or not accept them at all because if not, the the argument will be inconsistent. Be sure to check out the video to see my interviews!

Guys what do you think about this topic? Let me know in the comment section below!