I’m noticing this topic is rarely effectively addressed. Do we have an actual Muslim ban? I was watching a Keith Olbermann video titled, “Be Honest: Trump’s Banning Muslims & Purging Hispanics”, that was supporting the idea that the United States is undergoing a Muslim ban. The noticeable problem with the video was the fact that Olbermann was not addressing the topic of an actual ban. He was just talking about the discrimination of Muslims in the United States. By no means am I insinuating there is not a discrimination issue in the U.S against Muslim people. I had a Syrian friend that was constantly harassed at school for being Muslim. In fact, you can argue people who associate with Islam are more openly discriminated against than black people. The far right speaks on freedom of speech, but they don’t often speak on freedom of religion which is just as important. Even though Olbermann may be right about the discrimination of Muslims in the United States, he doesn’t prove the fact that we have a ban. The definition of a ban is to officially prohibit. For example, people are banned from using marijuana in many states in the United States. The countries Undergoing banns are:

  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Yemen
  • Libya
  • Somolia
  • Sudan

The problem with this list is the fact that the majority of these countries didn’t even make it to the list of the top ten highest Muslim populated countries! The only one that did is Iran. In fact, the country with the highest population of Muslims is Indonesia. 87% of the population in Indonesia is Muslim. That’ more the the percent of Christians in the U.S. and Indonesian people are welcome to immigrate. Contrary to information given by the media, there couldn’t possibly be a Muslim ban if we still allow Muslim immigrants. Unfortunately when anyone tries to say that there isn’t a Muslim ban, people on the far left try to shame them like JK Rowling against Pierce Morgan. It’s perfectly fine for an individual to believe our immigration policy shouldn’t be as strict, but there is no reason to make false facts to support that argument.

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