I saw a post on Facebook of a transgender father and daughter. Now in today’s society, there is no reason to be shocked. We have transgenders accepted and Corey-and-Eric-Maison-transgender-son-daughter-instagram-640x480influenced in reality TV shows such as I AM Jazz and we may even come across some transgenders in our everyday lives. Heck, I have a few transgenders at my school. This story made me rethink the idea of transgender. How far should society go till we consider something to be a mental illness? I am a tolerant individual and personally don’t care what people do with their lives as long as they’re happy. I don’t agree with the idea of being transgender for spiritual reasons, but I don’t force my beliefs on others. However, I do believe accepting transgenders has lead to a serious slippery slope.

I wrote an article about Rachel Dolezol regarding cultural appropriation and the fact that she considers herself to be transracial. Like I said earlier, I feel the reason people don’t accept transracial is because it hasn’t yet been accepted in society. However, it will probably be accepted in the future. There is really no conceptual difference between transracial and transgender. While I was interviewing multiple individuals, I received the same responses, “you cannot change your race”. I completely agree with those individuals. You really can’t change your race but you can’t change your gender either using the traditional meaning of the term which is synonymous to sex. All our modern surgery and medicine in the world cannot change an individuals chromosomes just like no amount of tanning will keep a white woman black.

The idea of being transgender has paved the way to more extreme ideas than transracial such as transpecies(yes it’s a thing), and even leading to some individuals believing they weren’t meant to be born with certain limbs(transabled). Simply leaving these extreme individuals to their desires will not help them. In fact, even transgenders are more likely to suffer from depression. Eventually society will have to start helping people by treating mental problems instead of ignoring them, but how far should society go till we identify something as a mental illness?

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