I may be a little late writing this post, but it’s not any less relevant. So about four days ago Snoop Dogs video, “Badbadnotgood”, which pretty much portrayed Donald Trump as a clown (along with mostly everyone else) was released and has resulted in a tone of controversy. My understanding of Snoop Dogs video is thtemp_regrann_1489686895808at the system is a joke along with everyone else buying into it. There could have been a better way of representing his idea considering it has accomplished nothing but portray a common negative stereotype of black people which is violence. There are many Presidents in the United States who a good amount of people did not like, but I feel there is a point where you can go too far when demonstrating your disapproval. Not only was the song weak (It’s a stupid song with terrible flow), but it shows the absolute disrespect American citizens have for their new president which does not make the United States look great to the rest of the world. Why should the rest of the world respect us if we can’t respect our own leader? However, the responses to this video are a bit of an overreaction. Snoop didn’t actually shoot the president because the gun was portrayed to be fake in the video.  He just gave the president a bad image. Trump was still alive by the end of the video. Fox news described the video as “profanity-filled” which is hilarious because it honestly wasn’t that serious. Leave it to the media to make things more serious than it really is. The video was very immature along with the lyrics, and I don’t think Snoop should be getting this much attention because of it. Don’t take my word for it though. Check it out for yourself.

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