So I’m noticing everyone’s calling everyone a fascist. I feel it’s reached  point to where the term fascism, or the philosophy of fascism, has a completely different meaning.  I decided to do a bit of research as to the origins of the idea of fascism because personally, I was confused as to what the term meant for quite some time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had the same feeling. The right will call the left fascist and the left will do the same. Both completely different viewpoints referring to each other as fascists… It’s a bit confusing.

So the man known as the father of fascism, Thomas Carlyle,  was one who did not like the idea of democracy, liberalism, or even utilitarianism. He was critical of the aristocracy, the moneyed class, and the working class which kinda says he didn’t really like anyone. However, if you read about him, you can conclude he was really pessimistic so I guess it makes sense. One group he looked down upon particularly, was the working class. He believed the working class to be fools who lacked intellectual capabilities. Carlyle’s main idea was  life was to be ruled by inequality, and power should pretty much be held by a select few who were seen as competent members of society. He believed the government should have a firm grasp on society, and completely opposed the right tenemy-2030000_1280o vote because he believed it was the best way to avoid anarchy.

I think its fair to say most people in the United States aren’t true fascist even though the far left may be leaning more towards that direction. When I say the far left I mean the really far left(leaning towards communism). Most people equate Hitler to fascism, but the reason we hate Hitler isn’t necessarily due to fascism. We hate Hitler because he was racist and killed a lot of people, but that doesn’t equate to fascism. I mean most would agree that white people in the United States where terribly racist towards black people and other minorities in the past, but they weren’t fascist. Indeed, even Carlyle was extremely racist, but his idea wasn’t really about race, it was more so about the governmental structure. Basically if you believe the government should have absolute power like communism, then you’re technically a fascist according to the original idea.

Guys maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. What do you think about this topic?